National Youth EnvirOlympics 2012

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Recruitment Drive for Executive Committee of NYEC 2012

Hi there!

Singapore’s largest environmental event for youths, the National Youth EnvirOlympics Challenge (NYEC) is back! Co-organised by Youth EnvirOlympics Council and Ci Yuan Community Centre Youth Executive Committee, NYEC has been well received over the years, with thousands of people participating in the challenge and gain deeper awareness of our environment.

NYEC challenge aims to increase awareness of the environmental concerns in our country. It provides a fun and interactive platform to educate the youths and the members of the public on the importance of  being eco-conscious and leading a environmental-friendly lifestyle. Through this challenge, we hope to inspire more youths to gain environmental ownership, creating a greener and cleaner environment.

The National Youth EnvirOlympics Challenge (NYEC) first started out in 2008 as an inaugural environment challenge organised by youths at a national level. It was a three-days nation-wide torch relay and amazing race aimed at inculcating environmental protection ideologies into the youths of today as well as the members of the public

At that time, though the committee consisted of 32 students aged between 14 to 21 years old, the number of participants estimated to 1200 students and public outreach to 43,000 members. Following its success, NYEC 2009 and 2010 expanded the challenge into three components to reach out to students of all levels: En-Art Contest, En-mazing Race and Enviro-Cyclethon.

The following are pictures taken in the previous NYECs:

Students from NYEC  2008 Amazing Race 2008, engaging members of the public participated in the games

In NYEC 2008, the event also featured an EnvirOlympic Torch Relay. Carrying an eco-friendly lighted torch, youths ran along different routes, passing through Sentosa, Pulau Ubin, Bukit Timah Hill, and the CBD. The final leg of the relay was completed by former Minister George Yeo and invited VIPs.

In NYEC 2009, the Committee set a new world record for the largest handmade recycled paper. The event, Project Papyrus,  broke the Guinness World Record by producing a 100 metre square handmade paper. This would not have been possible without the help of all the committee members and external organisations such as participating schools.

The Guest of Honour, Mr. Yeo Guat Kwang, holding this prestigious Guinness World Record certificate.

The themes for NYEC 2009 En-Art Contest were “My Garden city” and “My wishes for the Environment”.

Participants of En-mazing race

One of the winning teams of the race

All the participants of En-mazing race gathering at Vivo City (more than a thousand participants!)

Performaning Arts groups supporting green movement during NYEC 2009 through their songs and dances

Participants of NYEC 2010 at City Square Mall!

In NYEC 2010, there was also the launch of NYEC Official Mascot Beary-Eco, a polar bear which bear the immediate impacts from global warming and climate change.

A group photo of NYEC 2010 Committee with our mentor Chee Siang and the polar bear mascot, Beary Eco at the end of the event!

Into its fourth year, the NYEC 2012 – Clean It Yourself Day will be held on 21st and 28th of April 2012. Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong will be gracing this event as our Guest of Honour. (TBC) This year’s theme revolves around appreciating the cleaners around our residential estates and championing ownership of our own environment.

This idea actually originated from a group of youths in the brainstorming session of Keep Singapore Beautiful Movement Forum that took place just a few months ago. We believe that by engaging the youths in initiating green acts, they will feel that their opinions are valued and will thus be more inclined to do more for the environment.

NYEC 2012 will include an array of FUN-FILLED activities that targets all segments of the society. The activities include:

1) Project “Shape Our Earth”, an attempt to build the largest plastic bag structure, to raise awareness to stop the wastage of plastic bags and to break the Guinness World Record!

2) Thank You Movement for our cleaners for their efforts in keeping our environment clean

3) A nationwide environmental En-mazing Race where students have to surpass challenges at different stations around Singapore

4) En-Art contest targeted towards raising environmental awareness amongst children in a fun and more relaxing way

5) Performances and stage games during Eco-fiesta to support the GREEN cause and hype up the atmosphere

Note: Project Shape Our Earth and Thank You Movement will both be launched on 21st April 2012. The rest of the activities will be held on 28th April 2012.

Through this event, we hope to bring out the leadership potential in all our committee members and stretch our creativity in brainstorming of ideas to save the environment. NYEC 2012 will provide you with an excellent opportunity to enhance your interpersonal skills such as effective conversation skills, good presentation skills and teamwork. We would also hope provide opportunities for people like us – the youths, to plan and execute an event and to forge new friendships with each other.

It will be an exciting and enriching journey ahead! So what are you waiting for? Join us as a part of the Main Committee of NYEC 2012 now!

If interested, please fill up the Application Form found at the top right hand corner of the page. The committee structure can also be found at the Volunteer Factsheet so please have a look at it. Thank You! 🙂

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